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The Great Reset: Microchip Implants & Implications for Personal Freedom

The Great Reset | “Microchips to Implant Under Your Skin. Most Likely Implanted In Your Hand.”

A British company is selling microchips that can be implanted under the skin, allowing people to pay for things without carrying a wallet or purse. The $300 chip is the size of a grain of rice and can be activated by swiping the hand over a card reader. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the forced industry revolution, which is changing what we do and who we are. The most important data is not what we read, meet, or buy, but what’s happening inside our bodies. Human beings are now hackable animals, and a good two-way communication system between brains and computers is a watershed moment. The force industry revolution will lead to a fusion of physical, digital, and biological sciences, with global energy, food, and supply chains deeply affected. Surveillance is becoming more comprehensive and faster than the previous three revolutions, and governments are using technology and surveillance to monitor everything. The ability to hack human beings is the big process happening right now in the world.

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