The most popular coin in the Wildlife Series, the Royal Canadian Mint produced this low-mintage coin to honor its national symbol. The $8 Polar Bear and Cub coin contains 1.5 oz of .9999 silver purity, making it a suitable fit for precious metals IRAs.


The American Silver Eagle is a convenient and affordable way to broaden your collection, invest into your IRA, provide a bonus for an employee, or send as a thoughtful gift. Behind the immense beauty of this coin is security and high versatility, with its weight, content and purity backed by the United States Government, therefore, liquidating should be quick and without any extra fees for assaying. As the official silver bullion coin of the United States, the American Silver Eagle carries legal tender and is one of the few types of silver coins allowed in an IRA. In a world where the value of silver is on the rise, the American Silver Eagle is an excellent building block for building a silver collection, and is  appreciated by investors, collectors, and lucky recipients alike.


The stunning quality, highly reflective design and extraordinary purity of the Silver Maple Leaf make it one of the most popular and recognized silver bullion coins in the world. The technical perfection is cherished by collectors, and due to their demand, can generate prices above and beyond bullion value, and its impressive silver content of 0.9999 (“the four nines”) is the most of any silver bullion coin minted by any government. Because the Silver Maple Leaf receives the highest face value of any one-ounce government minted silver bullion coin, it is ideal towards building high on-hand liquidity.


Silver rounds provide the pleasures of silver ownership with the advantage of cost-effectiveness for the precious metal collector and additional variance for the coin enthusiast. Beverly Hills Precious Metals carries a variety of silver rounds and ensures that you will receive a coin that is 99.9% pure, so that your coin will be maximized at a price that is without the higher premium that other silver bullion coins demand. Because silver rounds are manufactured by private mints all over the world, each coin brings a unique story of beauty and history into a collection.