Gold American Eagle
American Buffalo
Gold Canadian Maple Leaf
Gold South African Kruggerand
Australian Gold Nugget/Kangaroo
Austrian Gold Philharmonic
Chinese Gold Panda


To possess a Gold American Eagle means security, growth and flexibility. As the singular official gold bullion coin of the United States, the US Government guarantees its gold content, weight and purity. For this reason, it is the number one choice worldwide in gold bullion coins, and, like the USD, is the preferred gold bullion coin in major international investment markets. Considering that the forces that influence gold are typically different than that of many other financial assets, including the Gold American Eagle in one’s collection is a convenient, safe, and affordable method to add diversity to your precious metals portfolio.


The American Buffalo gold coin is the most profitable and secure approach towards gold acquisition. Inspired by the demand in the gold market, the US Mint released for sale in 2006 their first 24-karat solid gold bullion coin, designed with both the gold investor and enthusiast in mind. With a legal tender of $50, this coin will match dollar for dollar in the gold market, and its quality and quantity of gold is guaranteed by the US Government. Although temporarily discontinued in 2008, this incredible coin remains available to those who wish to possess one of the purest gold in circulation.


Prized for its high liquidity and purity, the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf is another respected and greatly popular gold bullion coin. Produced by the Canadian Royal Mint, the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf was the first in the world to boast the highest gold content in a gold bullion coin at 99.99%, with its purity and content backed by the Government of Canada. When you procure the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin, you possess the truest form of the longest running form of international currency in our civilization for over 3,000 years.


The Gold Kruggerand coin is ideal for investors and beginning gold coin collectors. The unique orange tone and distinct shine not only makes it easy to identify, but the copper alloy combined with the 22 karat gold to make this important coin provides supreme stability and uppermost durability. The Gold Kruggerand carries a vivid history, standing as the first in the world to denominate a coin made of one ounce of pure gold. Its ban of import into several Western Countries due to South Africa’s apartheid during the 1970s and 1980s led to its ultimate success worldwide when the sanction was lifted in 1994, and still remains today as the most popular and competitively priced coins in the market.


The unique features of the Australian Gold Nugget/Kangaroo allows this pure gold bullion coin to stand alone in their own market niche, appealing to not only just investors, but discriminating collectors as well. One of the most popular coins issued by the Perth Mint, the Australian Gold Nugget/Kangaroo first catches the eye with its striking two-tone frost design, with a lighter “white gold” as a base color and a darker gold color frost on top, and all individually encapsulated with round, hard plastic. It is one of two gold bullion coins in the world where its design changes annually (aside from the date), and only a very low amount of mintage is available each year, therefore making it the perfect item to add to a collection on a regular basis.


The immensely popular Austrian Gold Philharmonic gold bullion coin possesses a wide range of appeal towards those looking to purchase gold. Backed by the Austrian Government, the World Gold Council reported this 24 karat gold bullion coin as best selling several years during the 1990s, thereby quickly becoming the face of the Euro Gold, especially after becoming the first gold bullion coin to be minted with Euro tender. This coin is impressively crafted with a design of near symmetrical arrangement of orchestral instruments on its obverse, thereby making it the perfect addition to a collection or a gift for a music lover.


The Chinese Gold Panda coin is the one of the most successful series in the market. Designed with the collector in mind, this pure gold bullion coin continues to nurture its high desirability and excitement with new designs annually (except in 2002), therefore creating a steady demand that withstands gold fluctuations. This modern collectible sets itself apart from other coins in that it is legal tender, yet is guaranteed upon purchase to be “Gem” Brilliant Uncirculated condition, and is even encouraged for use in jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. The combination of its meticulous craftsmanship, smart original designs and high gold content makes this one of the most sought-after gold coins in the world.