House of Destiny w/ Donne Clement

House of Destiny w/ Donne Clement

House of Destiny is the ministry led by Pastor Donné Clement Petruska, dedicated to spreading the Gospel and empowering believers to fulfill their spiritual destinies.

Through dynamic preaching, teaching, and prophetic ministry, Pastor Donné Clement shares insights and revelations to guide individuals towards spiritual growth and fulfillment.

The House of Destiny community emphasizes the importance of faith, prayer, and biblical teachings in navigating life’s challenges and pursuing God’s purpose. With a focus on prophecy and spiritual warfare, House of Destiny equips believers to overcome obstacles and walk in their God-given destinies. Under Pastor Donné Clement’s leadership, House of Destiny strives to be a beacon of hope, healing, and transformation for all who seek a deeper relationship with Christ.

Donne’ Clement Petruska

Donné Clement Petruska is a Christian pastor and spiritual leader known for her dynamic preaching, prophetic ministry, and commitment to empowering believers. With a focus on prophetic insights and spiritual warfare, Pastor Donné Clement inspires others to deepen their faith, embrace their identity in Christ, and walk boldly in the calling that God has placed upon their lives.

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