How To Buy From Us?

Acquiring precious metals from us are done in THREE simple steps, all conducted in the convenience, privacy and comfort of your own home:


Call us toll-free at (866) 3GOLD25 or (866) 346-5325 to explore your options.

A friendly and knowledgeable Account Executive will be happy to discuss with you at length your precious metals objectives, types of precious metals we offer and current market conditions pertaining to your life situation and desires. Over the phone, you and your Account Executive will work together with your unique needs to build a portfolio of precious metal products perfectly tailored to your needs.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have; we welcome even the most basic ones.


Personally confirm your purchases by phone and receive a Trade Confirmation Number.

After confirming the quantity and price of your acquisitions, we will issue you a Trade Confirmation Number to lock-in the rate of the trade, good for 72 hours. A Trade Confirmation Number commits both you and Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange to the sale at the confirmed price.


Choose your delivery option and form of payment with a Client Service Representative.

For your added convenience, Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange accepts many forms of payment; please see “Payment Options” for details.

Your final decision will be to either take physical possession of the precious metals you purchased or opt for our storage service.

NOTE: If you elect to open a precious metals IRA, your purchases will automatically be delivered to the appointed depository.

And that’s it!

Every step of this process can be done without stepping out of your house.

Payment Options

BHPME will lock in a price for a period of three (3) business days, during which you may arrange and make payment.

For your added convenience, Beverly Hills Precious Metals welcomes the following payment options to facilitate your order:

  • Bank Wire
  • Direct Deposit
  • Certified Check
  • Personal Check
  • Credit Card
  • IRA transfer.

BHPME does not accept cash, checks drawn on banks outside of the United States, money orders, Traveler’s Checks or debit cards.

Bank Wire

A bank wire is the preferred because a wire transfer enables us to provide you the best service. It may also be the most convenient for you, as most banks allow their clients to send wires by phone or fax instead of personally going to the bank. If you are considering more than one precious metal products, you may want to check with their financial institution to see if they offer these conveniences.

Using the bank wire method may also allow for a more prompt shipment than other payment methods, as we start the shipping process as soon as the wire is confirmed.

As a friendly reminder: the wire cut-off time for most banks is 5:30 pm ET, 4:30 pm CT, 3:30 pm MT and 2:30 pm PT. Also, some banks will not initiate wires with less than thirty (30) minutes before the wire cut-off time.

During periods of high volatility, we may require that all orders, regardless of size, be paid by wire transfer or direct deposit.

A bank wire is also the required payment method for all purchases $25,000 or more.

Please click HERE for printer-friendly instructions on how to use the wire option to fund your purchase.

Direct Deposit

We also highly recommend direct deposit as a method to satisfy payment; this payment method may also insure a more prompt shipment by cutting out the time it takes for us to receive your payment via mail. We will initiate shipping process as soon as we receive verification that the funds have cleared.

Please click HERE for printer-friendly instructions on how to fund your purchase via Direct Deposit.

Certified Check

If a client elects to remit payment via certified check, we will initiate the shipping process when the payment clears. Verification can usually be obtained on the within seven (7) business days after deposit of the check.

Please note that the financial institution issuing the check must be within the United States. Money orders and Traveler’s Checks are not accepted.

Please make the certified check payable to: Beverly Hills Precious Metals, Inc.

The certified check should be mailed to:

Beverly Hills Precious Metals
Attn: Client Service Department
9663 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite 811
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Personal Check

We accept personal checks drawn on banks within the United States. The shipping process for each order funded by personal check will commence as soon as the payment receives verification or clears on BHPME’s end. Please make the check payable to Beverly Hills Precious Metals, Inc.

Please note that each check is verified for not only clearance, but also to confirm that the address imprinted the check is the address on file with the financial institution. In cases where clients have checks without their addresses imprinted, we can ship only to the address the financial institution has on file; otherwise, we will ship to only to the address on file with the bank. Because of this tenuous process, it can take 14 days or more for us to receive verification.

Should we find that the financial institution of the check remitted be a “non-verifying” bank, we will wait a minimum of 14 days prior starting the shipping process, until the payment is cleared on our end. Please note “non-verifying” banks may verify only if we suspect the check to be fraudulent, at which time then the financial institution will call the account holder to confirm the check.

If the check is particularly large, or if we believe it necessary, we may require that a bank employee verify with the client that the check was indeed written.

We do not accept third party checks or any checks drawn outside of the United States, even Canadian banks.

Please make the personal check payable to: Beverly Hills Precious Metals, Inc.

The personal check should be mailed to:

Beverly Hills Precious Metals
Attn: Client Service Department
9663 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite 811
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Credit Card

We accept payment by any of the major credit cards as a convenience for clients purchasing less than $10,000. There is a small surcharge for using this convenience. Please note that some products cannot be purchased via credit card.

We would like to remind you that we never recommend that a client goes into credit card debt to make a purchase with us.

IRA Transfer

We gladly accept payment via IRA transfer, although some restrictions apply as to what types of precious metals products are allowed for investment. Please see the section in our website titled “Gold or Silver in Your IRA” for details or contact your Account Executive.

Shipping and Delivery

We initiate the shipping process as soon as the purchases are verified, cleared and fully funded. Please see the section on our website titled “Payment Options” for details.

If you elected to invest your precious metals into an IRA, they will be automatically delivered to the appointed depository.

For non-IRA related purchases, you may elect to take physical possession of your precious metals via direct delivery to the shipping address indicated in the Client Agreement form. You may also elect to use our Storage service. Please see the “Storage” Section on this page for details.

Unless the State of your residency requires a different delivery, the purchase will be safely packed and shipped fully insured by a reputable, nationally recognized delivery service.

Please contact your Account Executive for delivery and handling charges.


As an added service, we at BHPME, proudly offers insured storage via a third-party depository independent from us. Should you decide to take this option, you may elect to take possession of your precious metals at a time of your choosing. Conversion and delivery fees may apply when taking delivery.

We currently charge 0.75% of the current ask value, or selling price, of your precious metals, or $15, whichever is greater, for storage per year. You will receive bi-annual account statements indicating the ask value of your holdings and billing for half of the above storage fees (0.375% or $7.50, whichever is greater).

Please contact an Account Executive or Client Service Representative for more details on this service.

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