His Glory Family Partner

“With the instability of our banking system and volatility of the Stock Market we at His Glory have partnered with Beverly Hills Precious Metals is helping patriotic and freedom-loving clients like you to buy and sell gold, silver, and other precious metals for over 30 years.

I have invested with them, the ministry has invested, and my son has invested as well.”

God’s Worldwide Ministry

The His Glory Family! is on a mission to spread the word of God to this great county. His Glory! Aims to restore the freedom of the people, while uplifting us all with the word of God.

His Glory gives voice to American patriots who are fighting for God! His Glory empowers the warriors who are standing up for what is right! Our warriors are led by the Holy Spirit and are servants of the highest and only God. We are here to serve him.

His Glory endorses Beverly Hills Precious Metals Partners and believes that gold is a prudent investment to help patriots protect their financial futures. Investing in gold can serve as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty, preserving wealth during times of market volatility. Its enduring value and status as a tangible asset make it a popular choice for diversifying investment portfolios and safeguarding against currency devaluation and other threats to our freedom.

Want to Protect Your Wealth from Inflation?

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