Junk Silver

 For silver aficionados, “Junk Silver” is one of the most undervalued and overlooked products. Junk Silver typically refers to circulated dimes, quarters and half dollars minted before 1965, and was coined by investors and collectors whom in the 1970s did not consider Junk Silver to hold additional worth (e.g. special collector value) other than its legal tender and the metal used to mint the coins. Their views on Junk Silver deteriorated as the United States Mint melted much of these coins in the 1980s, causing precious metals enthusiasts to take a second look at these historic pieces. As the value of silver rises, bags of Junk Silver appear and reappear as an efficient and convenient substitute for bullion bars, American Silver Eagles and silver mining stocks.

When you include Junk Silver into your portfolio, you will appreciate the following benefits:

  • Cost-Effective – These coins were minted by the United States mint for free; there are no minting or refining fees.
  • Guaranteed Content – Each coin is guaranteed by the United States Mint to contain 90% silver. Each coin also contains 10% copper, added as a hardener.
  • Official Legal Tender – Unlike privately minted coins, these coins can never be worth less that legal tender the coin itself carries. You can even use these coins to make purchases anywhere that accepts US currency e.g. grocery store, gas station, etc.
  • Highly Liquid – Junk Silver is much easier to liquidate than other forms of precious metals in an emergency. Bags can be split into smaller quantities – down to a single coin, if desired – to be sold.
  • Survival – In addition to bartering benefits, should the US Dollar fail, these coins would most likely serve as US currency.
  • Easy Storage and Transport – Each bag can be easily divided to store in different locations. These inconspicuous coins can also be easily packaged for transport.


Note for Collectors: Junk Silver offers an exciting “treasure-hunting” experience in coin collecting. A bag of Junk Silver will go far in starting a collection or bring worth to a set by finishing it off with that last lucky dime you have been looking for.

When you order a bag of Junk Silver from Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange, it will arrive inside a cloth pouch or bag.

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