Clark Clay

Clay Clark

Clay Clark

Clay Clark is an entrepreneur, author, and business coach recognized for his dynamic approach to success. With a passion for empowering others, he co-founded, an online education platform for entrepreneurs. Clark is renowned for his speaking engagements, sharing insights on business growth and leadership. As the host of “The Thrive Time Show” podcast, he reaches a global audience, providing actionable advice and inspiration. Additionally, his book “Fear Unmasked: The No-Nonsense Guide to Confident Speaking” has garnered acclaim for its practical wisdom. Through his ventures and teachings, Clark continues to impact countless individuals, guiding them towards achieving their entrepreneurial dreams.

Thrivetime Show 

“The Thrivetime Show” is a renowned podcast hosted by entrepreneur Clay Clark. Offering a refreshing take on business education, it provides practical insights and strategies without the fluff. Dubbed “Business School without the BS,” it empowers listeners with actionable advice for entrepreneurial success, attracting a dedicated global following.

Reawaken America Tour

The Reawaken America Tour stands as a rallying cry for patriots across the nation. These transformative events serve as platforms for renowned speakers to address crucial topics such as constitutional rights, health freedom, and economic prosperity. Through passionate dialogue and practical guidance, the tour ignites a movement of empowerment and action, empowering individuals to stand firm in defense of fundamental freedoms and the values that underpin them.

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