Foreign Gold

Did You Know?

Gold coins have been used as a form of money for more than 2,500 years!

Why Buy FOREIGN Gold Coins?

Why join the ranks of Robert Kiyosaki, Catherine Austin Fitts, Tucker Carlson, General Flynn, and Lara Trump in recognizing the dangers of inflation and CBDCs? Because gold coins offer:

Global Recognition

Gold coins have been a universally accepted currency for centuries.

Inflation Hedge

Historically proven to rise in value when fiat currency loses purchasing power.

Tangible Assets

Own physical assets with intrinsic value, resistant to digital uncertainties.

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Austrian 1 Ducat Coin

Franz Joseph I Austrian Ducat gold coins are extremely high in gold purity compared to other European gold coins – over 98% pure gold! Gold Ducats featuring various rulers of the day were minted throughout the 19th Century and into the 20th Century. Austria began minting Ducats in the early 16th Century.

Austrian 1000 Schilling Coin

In 1976, the Austrian Mint minted a coin commemorating the 1,000-year anniversary of the start of the Babenberg Dynasty. Fittingly, it chose a denomination of 1,000 Schilling – the first time it had produced a coin with this face value

Austrian 4 Ducats Coin

With a gold purity content of over 98%, the Austrian 4 Ducats gold coin is among the highest purity European gold coins ever issued. Non-restrikes of these coins were minted during the years of the Austro Hungarian Empire.

British Sovereign Coin

The gold British Sovereign can trace its history to Henry VII (1485-1509) who issued the first 20-shilling gold coin in 1489. The minting of the British Sovereign was suspended shortly after James I ascended to the throne of England in 1603, but gold Sovereigns were once again struck commencing with George III in 1817.

Danish 20 Kroner Coin

Danish 20 Kroner gold coins were minted between 1873 and 1931 and feature three different rulers: Christian IX, Frederick VIII, and Christian X. The gold coin pictured is of the Frederick VIII variety. The obverse (front) of each 20 Kroner gold coin features the bust of the day’s ruler. The name of the country and ruler surround the king.

French 20 Franc Napoleon III Coin

The French 20 Franc Napoleon III gold coins had three different designs featuring Napoleon during their production from 1852-1870. The obverse (front) of the gold coin features a bust portrait of Napoleon. The reverse (back) shows the value of the coin (20 Francs) and the date (1852) surrounded by wreaths.

French 20 Franc Angel Coin

Both investors and collectors love the French Angel 20 Franc gold coin for its storied history, innate beauty and relatively short mintage period. The Angel represented on the obverse (front) is the guardian angel Genius as she inscribes the French Constitution upon a tablet next to a pillar and a rooster. The words “REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE” are above the angel.

French 20 Franc Rooster Coin

The French 20 Francs Rooster is one of the most popular of all our European gold coins. Each coin contains almost a fifth of an ounce (0.1867) of pure gold and is available in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

Gold Russian 5 Ruble Coin

Nicholas II (May 18, 1868 – July 17, 1918) was the last Tsar of Russia, Grand Duke of Finland, and titular King of Poland. His official title was Nicholas II, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias and he is currently regarded as Saint Nicholas the Passion-Bearer by the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Hungary 10 Korona Coin

The historic Hungary 10 Korona gold coins were minted between 1892 and 1915. Each 10 Korona coin contains .0980 ounces of gold, weighs 3.3875 ounces, and is 18.9 millimeters in diameter.

Italian 20 Lire Coin

The Italian 20 Lire Umberto I gold coin is a superb example of 19th century European gold coinage. Umberto I served as the Duke of Savoy before being crowned King of Italy in 1878. He ruled until his assassination in 1900. His image first appeared on these 20 Lire coins in 1879.

Netherlands 10 Guilder Coin

The Netherlands 10 Guilder – also sometimes referred to as a Gulden or Florin – contains almost one fifth of an ounce (0.1947) of pure gold.

Swiss 20 Franc Coin

The Swiss 20 Franc Vreneli gold coin is one of the world’s classic gold coins and quite popular among gold investors. Switzerland, neutral since its creation by the Congress of Vienna in 1815, has long been synonymous with stability and fiscal strength due to its practice of backing its currency with large quantities of gold.

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