The rarity, beauty, and history make the $20 Saint Gaudens gold coin one of the most sought-after gold coins by collectors and investors. President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt commissioned America’s premiere sculptor, Augustus Saint Gaudens, to design coins that rival the beauty of Ancient Greek coins while displaying America’s rise to prominence in the world. The meticulous features on this coin earned its place as Saint Gaudens’ most famous artwork; however, quarter of a century later, most of these coins were among the private gold confiscated for the ordered melt-down by President Franklin Roosevelt, ironically Teddy Roosevelt’s cousin. Today, Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange proudly offers popular dates of these last circulating $20 gold coins and individually hand-picked for great eye-appeal. The $20 Saint Gaudens gold coin incentivizes precision and craftsmanship for a serious coin collector and is the perfect addition for an investor looking to diversify the types of gold in their portfolio.

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