Gold Prices are Fluctuating Dramatically, Russia to Chair BRICS | 12.4.23

Andrew Sorchini w/,
We apologize if our response time has been slower than normal, gold prices are fluctuating dramatically, Russia to chair BRICS & our phones are blowing up!


UPDATE #1 – GOLD | Gold Hits All-Time High!!! (December 1st 2023) | “Gold Prices Hit All-Time High At $2,149 / Oz, Prices Surge $75.” – CNBC (December 4th 2023)
“UAE Made Decision to Move Away from U.S. Dollar In Oil Trade. Saudi Arabia (& China) Selling Holdings of U.S. Treasuries.” + Russia to Chair BRICS + Kiyosaki, Fitts, Trump, Bannon & Bet-David



UPDATE #2 – Russia Takes Over BRICS Chair from South Africa



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