Ice Cube on CBDCs: Unveiling Centralized Digital Currency & Social Credit Score System

ICE CUBE | “I’m Hoping People Wake Up Enough to At Least Slow It Down. They Want Centralized Digital Currency, They Want Everybody On a Social Credit Score System And They’ll Probably Connect It to Some Sort of Vaccine App.” Joe Rogan

The pandemic has accelerated the process of digitalization and automatization, legitimizing the deployment of mass surveillance. The Chinese government has announced plans to develop a centralized digital currency that will be implanted under the skin. The author, Richard Werner, warns that the old systems of trust and of ownership will have to adapt radically. The $300 chip is the size of a grain of rice, and once activated, it can be used at a checkout by swiping the hand over the card reader. Executive Order 14067 was signed by Uncle Joe, the 8th of March of 2022, and it went into effect 13 December 2022.

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