Gold French 20 Franc (Napoleon) Coin


French gold coins bearing the image of  Napoleon Bonaparte were first issued during his reign in the early 1800s. These gold “Napoleons” became ubiquitous throughout Europe. Later the design of the 20-franc gold coins would change. Busts of King Charles X and Louis-Phiippe followed Napoleon’s portrait.

Beginning in 1849 the 20-franc coins carried the image of Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture. ‘Le coq gaulois,” the Gallic Rooster, was added to the coin’s reverse in 1899. These coins are referred to as “roosters” (Franc Rooster coin), and remain popular among gold bullion coin investors today.

French 20-francs are a great way to buy a “fractional” sized gold coin. For people who want to hold some smaller coins in their portfolio, these are a very low-cost option. The low premiums coupled with trust and recognizability, make them a terrific choice for investors who think smaller more affordable bullion coins will outperform or seek something that will be useful in barter.

French 20 Francs Offer:

  • Very low premiums
  • .1867 oz actual Gold content at 90% purity
  • A variety of interesting designs, with the two most common being “Napoleons” and ‘Roosters”
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