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General Mike Flynn: Chase Bank Cancels His Accounts – Impact of Monetary Weaponization

EXCLUSIVE: General Mike Flynn: Chase Bank Cancelled His Accounts + Monetary Weaponization

The Thrive Time Show features General Michael Flynn, who served in the U.S. Army for over three decades and was offered the position of National Security Advisor by President Donald Trump. However, Chase Bank has cancelled his accounts due to financial persecution he has been facing. Flynn talks about the weaponization of the banking and monetary system and how people can protect their families’ wealth by buying gold and silver. He also mentions that Chase has paid out $20 billion in fraud cases over the years and recently paid out a settlement of $920 million. Flynn expresses frustration with the corporate world’s prioritization of reputational risk and the need to speak up against it. He emphasizes the importance of de-weaponization and encourages listeners to do the same. The show also features Andrew Sorchini, who was once a DJ and now works for Thrive Nation. Gold and silver are being sold at a high price due to inflation.

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