Executive Order 14067: Impact on American Freedom Explored

Executive Order 14067 | Why Did Joe Biden Sign the Death Warrant On American Freedom On March 9th 2022 by Signing Executive Order 14067?

On March 9th, 2022, President Biden signed Executive Order 14067 without the approval of Congress, the states, or the American people. Section 4 of the order allows for legal government surveillance of all U.S. citizens, total control over bank accounts and purchases, and the ability to silence dissenting voices. The author, Jim Rickards, based on his independent research and contacts in the intelligence community, predicts that Section 4 will make the US dollar obsolete and replace it with a programmable digital token. This new currency will allow for total control of all American citizens, as every digital dollar will be programmed by the government. The cash currency will be replaced with a new digitized version, making it worthless paper. Few outside of the deep state recognize Biden’s move for what it really is. In this new war on freedom, the Dems aren’t coming for guns, but for your money.

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