Decoding CBDC Funding: Gates, Bezos, Epstein, & Gensler’s Connections Revealed

CBDCs | Why Did Gates & Bezos Fund Synchron’s Brain-Computer Interface? Why Did Epstein & Gates Fund MIT’s CBDC Project Hamilton? Was SEC Chair Gensler MIT Lab’s Senior Advisor? Why Did Gensler Teach w/ Father of SBF Girlfriend?

Spinal cord injury, stroke, limb amputation, and motor neurone disease can cause paralysis or loss of speech. A stentrode is a neural interface designed to overcome paralysis by creating a digital bypass from brain to assistive device. The system is designed to transmit brain signals out of the brain and into a unit implanted under the skin and chest. The command center in the brain is now directly connected to software and the patient would attempt to train their brain for direct operating system control by thinking. Synchron’s Neural Interface Technology, enabling people to connect their neocortex to the cloud wirelessly, will happen in the mid-2030s. The cloud is pure information technology that roughly doubles in power every year, and when we can connect and expand our neocortex in the cloud, it will expand without limit. In 20 years, nanobots that feed into our brain will happen, and we will have non-biological extensions that will allow us to access all of our knowledge.

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