Deciphering Executive Order 14067: Implications for CBDCs & Social Credit Score System

What Is Executive Order 14067? (Part 1) | Does the Central Bank Digital Currency / Programmable Currency / Mark of the Beast / Social Credit Score System Begin On December 13th 2022?

The G7 is launching a set of public policy principles for retail central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). CBDCs could be a digital version of money that could be used alongside physical notes and coins. Central cash could be programmed to ensure it is only spent on essentials or goods which an employer or government deems to be sensible. The vaccine passport infrastructure is in place, but the checkpoint Charlie exists everywhere, and they bring in central banking digital currencies. The Chinese social credit system is another word for that, and anyone who watches Black Mirror will know what it’s called. The head of the UK economy, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, wants to bring in digital currency for the G7. It’s important to realize there is a small medical procedure involved.

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