De-Dollarization Unveiled: Insights from Steven Bannon & BRICS on the Emergence of Gold-Backed Currency

De-Dollarization | “The Russians Said the New Currency Is Going to Be Gold-Backed.” – Steven Bannon (7/8/23) + “The BRICS Group Is Set to Introduce a New Currency Backed By Gold In Contrast to the Credit-Backed U.S. Dollar.” – (7/3/23)

The BRICS group is planning to introduce a new currency backed by gold, with countries lining up to join the initiative. Digital money has potential benefits such as programmability and expiry dates, but also poses risks for central banks. The old systems of trust and ownership will have to adapt radically. CBDCs could be used for targeted economic policies or social policies, affecting the integrity of central bank money. The CBDC will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that determine its use. The COVID pandemic accelerates digitalization and automatization, legitimizes mass surveillance, and makes surveillance go under your skin. The $300 chip is the size of a grain of rice and can be implanted in your hand and activated by swiping your hand over a card reader. Executive Order 14067, signed by President Trump in March 2022, should be read to ensure the safety and security of digital money. Beverly Hills Precious Metals offers a consultation for those who are worried about inflation and the future of their family’s financial security. It is important to educate people about the value of precious metals and their future security.

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