Bidenomics & CBDC Surveillance: Insights from Mel K, Clay Clark & Andrew Sorchini

Andrew Sorchini joins Amanda Grace: Inflation in the Nation and Answering Your Financial Questions

The Ark of Grace team is on a two-for-one special with Marty Grisham for Grace Out Loud. They are asking viewers for free financial advice and will bring Andrew in to answer questions. They will open up in prayer and ask for wisdom and guidance from God to guide them through the current financial system. They acknowledge the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and ask that the pull of the flesh should become less in their lives. They also ask for guidance and wisdom to understand and navigate the current man-made systems shaking the world. They praise God for being the author and finisher of their faith and for blessing their viewers with wisdom and knowledge. The market is currently experiencing a little bit of a rally in the US dollar and other countries’ currencies, with gold and silver being popular investments. The team is grateful to Andrew for his willingness to answer viewers’ questions about anything related to the markets.

Want to Protect Your Wealth from Inflation?

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