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Amazon’s Cashless Payment Tech: Insights into Palm Payment System

Cashless Payment | Why Is Amazon Rolling Out Technology That Allows You to Pay Using Your Palm?

Amazon is introducing Amazon One, allowing customers to pay for groceries at Whole Foods stores with the palm of their hand instead of their credit card. The service requires scanning both palms and entering a phone number, and no information will be stored on the devices. Whole Foods plans to add Amazon One to its stores in Austin, Decave, and Cedar Park. The company has created its own highly secure cloud to store customer information. Walletmore, a British company, is selling microchips that can be implanted in customers’ hands to allow them to pay at checkout without their wallets or purses. The $300 chip is the size of a grain of rice and can be activated by swiping the hand over the card reader. However, not everyone is on board with the idea as it can be dangerous and inconvenient. The text ends with a call for more information on Walletmore’s proposal.

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