2 Quick Updates About CBDCs & the Looming Social Credit Score System

This is Andrew Sorchini w/ Beverly Hills Precious Metals, & I wanted to give you an updated on CBDCs and the looming Social Credit Score System:

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Question #1 – Social Credit Score | “Right Now You Can Sweep the Data Up from Your Automobile Driving, You Can Sweep Up Your Social Media Usage & Based Upon That Decide How to Underwrite & Make a Loan.” – Gary Gensler (SEC Chair – April 18th 2023)

WATCH – https://rumble.com/v2oqmsq-social-credit-score-are-social-credit-scores-already-here.html


Question #2 – CBDC | “Central Bank Digital Currencies Are a Tracking Tool. The Dollar Standard Globally Is No Longer Being Respected. China & Russia Are Trading Oil In Rubles. Four Years Ago This Would Have Been Unimaginable.” – Maajid Nawaz (4/27/2023)

WATCH – https://rumble.com/v2op3mo-cbdc-central-bank-digital-currencies-are-a-tracking-tool..html