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Morgan silver dollars are exciting additions for both first-time and experienced collectors and investors looking to include highly liquid items in their collection. The broad range of circulated and uncirculated Morgan dollars allows collectors and investors of all scales to treasure this tangible link to the “Wild West” for their own. Its ubiquitous popularity leaves limited downside in that there are always eager buyers regardless of up or down markets.


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The Peace Dollar is the perfect acquisition for the silver aficionado with an appreciation for US modern history. A successor to the Morgan Dollar, the Peace Dollar was minted originally to commemorate the closing of World War I, with Anthony de Francisci elected as designer via a design contest and his young attractive wife Theresa as his model for Lady Liberty. During its 1921-1935 issue, the Peace Dollar was the modern coin during events such as the celebrations of the Roaring Twenties, the gripping Stock Market Crash, and the illustrious influence of Al Capone on the Prohibition.   Including the Peace Dollar into your collection offers all the benefits of silver bullion but with added profit potential due to high collectability and its scarce numbers.