Proofs are a great venue for those interested in modern bullion with collector value. While new bullion coins move up or down according to gold content, the limited annual production and intricate minting processes applied cause these coins’ worth to always exceed current bullion value. Generally produced for collectors, the United States Mint strikes proofs using a high quality minting process and packages them in special presentation-ready cases. Proofs are always uncirculated, so they will arrive to your possession in perfect mint condition.
When you order a proof coin or proof coin set from Beverly Hills Precious Metals, your order will arrive with a certificate of authenticity and signed by the Director of the United States Mint.

Gold American Eagle Proof Coin and Proof Coin Sets

Admirers of Augustus Saint Gaudens’ Lady Liberty will appreciate the Gold American Eagle Proof. A discriminating collector will appreciate the exquisite accuracy of the strikes to create a soft frost above a mirror-like field. The reverse features sculptor Miley Busiek’s Eagle to symbolize family tradition and unity.
We offer American Eagle proofs as a single one-ounce item or in a four-coin proof set.

Gold Buffalo Proof Coin

The Gold Buffalo proof rises to the occasion when recessions hit, since the value of gold works inverse to economic conditions. Its 24k gold status allows it to be traded with cash for present gold value, however, since this is a proof coin, it will always call for more.
Both sides of the coin were designed by James Earle Fraser, a one-time student of the famous sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens.

American Silver Eagle Proof

(hover image above for reverse)

The American Silver Eagle Proof is considered the Rolls Royce of silver bullion and coins. Similar to its Gold Proof counterparts, each coin undergoes a detailed minting process to create a softly frosted Lady Liberty on a mirror-like field (or in the case of a reverse proof, a shiny Lady Liberty on a frosted field), and then encapsulated for maximum protection against outside elements. Due to its collector value and limited issues, American Silver Eagle Proof coins will always summon a higher value than the market price of silver.
Each Proof sits dramatically inside a dark blue velvet case and is accompanied with an official Certificate of Authenticity issued by the US Mint, guaranteeing the coin’s silver content, weight and purity..