CBDC Updates

#1 – Are Central Bank Digital Currencies and Hyper-Inflation Just Around the Corner? See why Tucker Carlson, Catherine Austin Fitts, Robert Kiyosaki, General Flynn, Kash Patel, Professor Richard Werner and Steve Forbes are all sounding the alarm about Central Bank Digital Currencies?



#2 – Lara Logan and Clay Clark explain the entire CBDC, Internet of Bodies, Transhumanism, Surveillance Under the Skin and Great Reset Agenda



CBDCs | Why Did Gates & Bezos Fund Synchron’s Brain-Computer Interface? Why Did Epstein & Gates Fund MIT’s CBDC Project Hamilton? Was SEC Chair Gensler MIT Lab’s Senior Advisor? Why Did Gensler Teach w/ Father of SBF Girlfriend?


CBDCs | “You Can See the Signs of This Everywhere. What Are You Going to Do? Are You Going to Argue with the Machine? You Just Can’t Imagine How Screwed You Are.” – Jordan Peterson


CBDCs | “Effectively End Banking As I Know It.” – Saule Omarova (Joe Biden’s Nominee for comptroller of the currency before her nomination was withdrawn at her request on December 7, 2021)


CBDCs | CBDCs Digital Currency | Is the Fed Moves Towards Monetary Totalitarianism?


CBDCS | “What Is CBDC Going to Look Like? It Will Be Implanted UNDER YOUR SKIN.” – Professor Richard Werner + “Gosh This Looks Like the MARK OF THE BEAST” – Glenn Beck


CBDC | “This Looks Like the MARK OF THE BEAST.” – Glenn Beck + “FTX Was an OP That Got Brought Down In an OP. FTX Was a CBDC Marketing Strategy. How Are You Going to Market Slavery? Crypto Was Simply a Prototype for CBDCs.” – C. Fitts


CBDCs | “At Some Point the World Is Going to Go Into a Financial Crisis. You’ll Get the Announcement That We’re Having the New Currency Which Will Be the CBDC.” – Clive Thompson


CBDCs | “This Is the Last Step In the Total Surveillance State.” – Jame Rickards




What Are Central Bank Digital Currencies? (CBDCs)



What Is Project Lithium?



What Is Project Hamilton?