CBDC Updates – 8.2023

It’s Andrew Sorchini w/ www.BH-PM.com, & I wanted to give you 3 quick updates on BRICS and the introduction of the Gold-Backed Programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies being rolled out world-wide:

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#1 – BRICS | “We Made The Worst Geopolitical Mistake, To Push The Russians Into An Embrace Of China..We Fueled The Creation Of BRICS, If That Continues It Will Make The Great Depression Look Like A Cake Walk.” – Robert F. Kennedy Jr



#2 – CBDCs | “The Bank of International Settlements Are Rolling Out These CBDCs Very Hard. There Are Two Projects They Are Rolling Out: Project mBridge & Unified Ledger. This Is Headed Up By China, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, etc.” – Mark Moss



#3 – DeDollarization | Fitch Warns It May Be Forced to Downgrade Dozens of Banks Including JP Morgan Chase – August 15th 2023