“SWIFT Payment System Announced They Are Setting Up a CBDC Platform Coming Out In 12-24 Months.” | 3.28.24

Greetings, It’s Andrew with www.BH-PM.com, “SWIFT Payment System Announced They Are Setting Up a CBDC Platform Coming Out In 12-24 Months.” – George Gammon As always if you would like to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss how to protect your wealth against inflation and CBDC-related confiscation, schedule an appointment today at: www.BH-PM.com/first-time-customers   #1 […]

Morgan Stanley Warns US Stocks at Risk in ‘Dollar Regime Shift’ | 3.20.23

Greetings, It’s Andrew with www.BH-PM.com, Morgan Stanley Warns US Stocks at Risk in ‘Dollar Regime Shift’ – 3/18   #1 – BRICS | “The Small Local Banks Are About to Fail. The Banking Sector Is In Real Trouble” – Clayton Morris + “You’ve Got This Switch Right Here & No More BTFP Come March 12th […]

Andrew Sorchini: Insights into Market Trends and Prophetic Happenings

THIS EVENT is About to Happen… Bo Polny, Andrew Sorchini, Dave Scarlett The text is from Psalm 91 and talks about the upcoming financial event. The author believes there is a 45-day window where the financial event is expected to happen. The events are coming out of the past few weeks, and the author believes […]

Saule Omarova’s Warning on CBDCs: Implications for Banking as We Know It

CBDCs | “Effecitively End Banking As I Know It.” – Saule Omarova (Joe Biden’s Nominee for comptroller of the currency before her nomination was withdrawn at her request on December 7, 2021) The video discusses Professor Omerova’s radical ideas for becoming a federal regulator. She wants to end banking as we know it, nationalize retail […]

Anticipating Financial Shifts: Insights from Bo Polny, Dave Scarlett & Andrew Sorchini

Mel K w/ Clay Clark, Aaron Antis & Andrew Sorchini | Bidenomics End Goal: CBDC Surveillance The MLK Show features Andrew Sorchini, Clay Clark, and Aaron Antis. They discuss the real economy and the non-real economy. During the pandemic, people who worked for the government and owned companies were not affected by lockdowns. Aaron runs […]

CBDCs: Fed’s Move towards Monetary Totalitarianism? Exploring Digital Currency Impact

CBDCs | CBDCs Digital Currency | Is the Fed Moves Towards Monetary Totalitarianism? Digital currencies are being used by governments to monitor transactions and police individuals. Centralized banks controlling digital currencies are not technically elected officials, but unelected officials within the financial sector. The Federal Reserve is sowing the seeds for its central bank digital […]

Bidenomics & CBDC Surveillance: Insights from Mel K, Clay Clark & Andrew Sorchini

Andrew Sorchini joins Amanda Grace: Inflation in the Nation and Answering Your Financial Questions The Ark of Grace team is on a two-for-one special with Marty Grisham for Grace Out Loud. They are asking viewers for free financial advice and will bring Andrew in to answer questions. They will open up in prayer and ask […]

General Mike Flynn: Chase Bank Cancels His Accounts – Impact of Monetary Weaponization

EXCLUSIVE: General Mike Flynn: Chase Bank Cancelled His Accounts + Monetary Weaponization The Thrive Time Show features General Michael Flynn, who served in the U.S. Army for over three decades and was offered the position of National Security Advisor by President Donald Trump. However, Chase Bank has cancelled his accounts due to financial persecution he […]

Unveiling the Future of CBDCs: Implantation Under Your Skin?

CBDCS | “What Is CBDC Going to Look Like? It Will Be Implanted UNDER YOUR SKIN.” – Professor Richard Werner + “Gosh This Looks Like the MARK OF THE BEAST” – Glenn Beck Richard Werner, a top academic scholar on central banking, discusses the potential impact of central bank digital currency (CVDC) on financial transactions. […]