BREAKING!!! U.S. Dollar At Risk? Countries Selling Billions of U.S. Treasuries? BRICS Expands Membership

Hi, It’s Andrew w/, & I have URGENT updates on BRICS, De-Dollarization & the Introduction of New-Gold Backed Central Bank Digital Currencies.


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Update #1 – Dollar | U.S. Dollar At Risk? | “Recently Many Countries Have Been Selling Billions of Dollars of U.S. Treasuries. Saudi Arabia’s Holdings Are Down 40% Since 2020.” – Lena Petrova, CPA (September 11th 2023)



Update #2 – Dollar Collapse | “A Decline of the Dollar Is Necessary. China Will Emerge As Motor Replacing the U.S. Consumer. There We Be A Slow Decline In the Value of the Dollar.” – George Soros (2009)



Update #3 – BRICS | “We Should Be (Worried). BRICS Supplies Us With Alot of Goods, But BRICS Has Also Have Loaned Us Alot of Money & the Interest That We Have to Pay On That Debt Is Soaring.” – Peter Schiff


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