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BREAKING!!! Is It Happening Now? CitiBank Converts Customers’ Deposits Into Digital Tokens + Australia Moves to Become Cashless – 9.25.23

Greetings from Beverly Hills Precious Metals.

I have 2 quick updates that I believe you need to know about world-wide de-dollarization, Fednow & the roll out of New-Gold Backed Central Bank Digital Currencies.

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Update #1 – Citi Bank | FedNow & CBDCs Now? | BREAKING!!! CitiBank Converts Customers’ Deposits Into Digital Tokens



Update #2 – CBDCs | “Australia Is Slowly Shifting to Be Cash Free. Economists Say A Cashless Society Will Hurt Criminals On the Black Market.” – September 23rd 2023 (Sky News) + “BRICS Group Is Set to Introduce A New Currency Backed By Gold.” – RT


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