Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange, Inc. is a client-focused firm devoted to assisting our clients with precious metals.  Our clients range from first-time to serious coin collectors and investors seeking to add precious metals to their investment portfolios.  Our comprehensive line of services includes acquisitions, liquidations, third-party storage and providing referrals for precious metals IRAs.

Each client is unique.

We are driven by the philosophy that every client is like a fingerprint; while a transaction may fit well for one client, it may not fit as well for another.  We work with every client to determine his or her quality requirements, life conditions, and state of affairs before we can actually present a proposal of Products and/or services to perfectly suit their objectives and collections.  We also recognize that once a client completes a transaction, their needs will change, and therefore, we always look forward to conducting the determination process again.

Our mission.

We at Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange, Inc. are not interested in volatile investments, leveraged products, and intangible assets.  Our business model is focused on getting the metals into our clients’ possession or IRA as soon as possible, and if liquidating, providing an exchange process that is both convenient and accelerated for the client.